20mm, 22mm and 24mm Dyneema SK 75

20mm, 22mm and 24mm Dyneema SK 75

Ø 20, 22 & 24mm Dyneem SK 75  Rope (R)

These are made to order & a Min order quantity does apply to the per metre listings. Allow 2- 3 weeks for delivery on these. 


20mm = 34,000  22mm = 40,000  24mm = 48,000 Kilo average break loads.
Very High strength to weight ratio.
Very low stretch.
Very high abrasion resistance.
High UV Resistance.
Floats & does not absorb water.

Winch & Crane ropes
Strops, Halyards, Runners.
Checkstays, Afterguys.
Wire Rope replacement.

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