4.5mm x 100m Starter Cord “FREE” Delivery

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Donaghys 4.5mm x 100m 16 plait polyester starter cords.


* Strong, durable, low stretch, high tenacity cord.

* Maximum abrasion resistance.

* Can be pulled quickly without kinks, rotations or twists.

* UV treated

* Stable shape, runs freely through eyelets.


* Starter motors.

* Combustion engines.

* Tarpaulins.

* Heavier blinds.

* Replace that cheap cord which breaks all the time with a quality one that will last for ages. 


5 reviews for 4.5mm x 100m Starter Cord “FREE” Delivery

  1. Cracka

    Very cheap & excellent quality

    This was the cheapest 4.5mm starter cord i could find. Took the risk of ordering it thinking it would be crap.To my surprise this is a really good quality cord & was delivered the next day in a overnight express post bag. Thank you, i will be back.

  2. Robert Hands

    Quality cord with super fast delivery

    Great service from rope galore. Super fast delivery & a top quality starter cord.

  3. Terry Cooper

    Great buy

    After weeks of hunting for cord for cord for starting small engines I finally found Rope Galore. The cord is not only by far the cheapest but a lot better quality. I can now replace the cords on my Cafe blinds and fix the starters on my petrol pumps using the same product. Well done Rope Galore.

  4. Marc

    Starter cord good for outside applications

    I had a need to erect a number of radio antennas, and needed a rope that would withstand the weather, and have little stretch. Somewhat to my surprise, starter cord seems to fit the bill admirably. It is UV treated, and shows little, if any, stretch. I've used 200m of it for guying poles, and using as hauling rope. Great rope for this application (wish it came in black).

  5. Louise (verified owner)

    Arrived promptly exactly as described
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