Battling Ropes For Gyms, Personal Trainers & Home

Battling Ropes For Gyms, Personal Trainers & Home

You have a choice of

(1) Our light weight 32mm Silver Polyethylene Battling Ropes. These are our Junior and Beginners Ropes

(2) The Black Mamba Range of 36mm Polyester Battling Ropes.These are our superior Battle Ropes, heavy, hardwearing and durable.

(3) Our premium range of 40mm Silver polyethylene Battling Ropes.These are our most popular Battling Ropes.

(4) The economy range of 42mm Tiger Battling Ropes, very strong 28,000 kilo break load, making them perfect for tug of war as well as being a excellent battling rope.

(5) The BIG 60mm Battling Ropes, perfect for the more experienced user, weighing in at over 1 kilo per meter. These are still nice & soft & flexible & have a circumference of around 175mm.