E-Z-TY Rope Splicing Clips ,Free Delivery

E-Z-TY Rope Splicing Clips ,Free Delivery

E-Z-TY Rope Splicing Clip are a new and exciting way to splice rope yourself anywhere anytime and they are re-usable.

We are selling the Original, Made in USA , product , not a cheap copy.

The Rope Clamps/Double OT Clamps have been designed  for solid braided nylon and solid braided polypropylene ropes, even though they work great with many other types. With some ropes,like 3 strand or Cotton Sash Cords,due to density it may be necessary to go to a larger size clamp for the rope to fit & work properly (for example for 1/2″Sisal we suggest using a 5/8″ Rope Clamp)

Splicing Clips and ends are available in black and white.

  • No need for splicing – easy to use and reuse
  • Great for dock and fender lines, pet leashes, horse leads, and more
  • Brass threaded inserts are molded in one half of the clamp and stainless steel screws are used to tighten the halves together
  • Made from durable thermoplastic
  • Choose from white or black in each of the 6 sizes (3/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″,3/4″)

Note: You may wish to order one size larger than the size of rope for ease of installation. This is especially true if you purchase these for double braid rope. The end will go on easier and still look great.

The rope clamps are not designed for personal fall protection, life support or lifting.

At no time will Rope Galore or it’s parent company
it’s owners or employees be held liable for injury or death caused while using any of there products.


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