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Ø2mm x 20m Donaghy’s Winch line

* 880 kilo break load.

* Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene.

* High Strength to weight ratio, & Very low stetch.

* 8 x lighter & 70% stronger than steel wire.

* High UV resistance & High abrasion resistance

* Floats & does not absorb water.

* Virtually no recoil & will not kink.

4 reviews for Ø 2mm x 20m Winchline FREE delivery

  1. al

    2mm plasma

    Fast service. Great product

  2. Steve Bittinger (verified owner)

    Amazingly strong no stretch cord

    I have to admit that it was mainly curiosity that inspired me to buy 20m of Dyneema 2mm cord. I had heard about the strength of Dyneema cord, and wanted to see firsthand what it was like. This is a product not generally available, and I was impressed with the range of offerings from Rope Galore. The cord actually does have almost zero stretch. I intend to use it as a lightweight travel clothesline. I was curious about the famed strength, so threw the cord over a tree branch in my back yard. It seemed to have no trouble supporting my weight (70kg), even when I vigorously jumped up and down on it. The bowline knot I used to make a loop to step in was fairly easy to untie afterward -- I was impressed. My only concern about the cord is in relation to its abrasion resistance -- I didn't try to test this. The cord comes as a loose braid rather than as a core-and-sheath construction, so all the fibres are potentially exposed to abrasion. Only time and more experience will tell how well the cord resists abrasion. For my primary intended use as a travel clothesline, the cord is far better than anything else I have ever used for that purpose, due to its light weight and zero stretch.

  3. David B. (verified owner)

  4. Geoffrey Hardinge (verified owner)

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