Ø 3.0mm x 10m Starter Cord “FREE” Delivery

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Ø 3.0mm x 10m of 16 plait polyester starter cords.


* Strong, durable, low stretch, high tenacity cord.

* Maximum abrasion resistance.

* Can be pulled quickly without kinks, rotations or twists.

* UV treated

* Stable shape, runs freely through eyelets.


* Starter motors.

* Combustion engines.

* Tarpaulins.

* Heavier blinds.

* Replace that cheap cord which breaks all the time with a quality one that will last for ages. 


2 reviews for Ø 3.0mm x 10m Starter Cord “FREE” Delivery

  1. Graeme Sawtell (verified owner)

    Excellent timely delivery. I must mention that there were two packages containing starter cord and invoices No 206631. Unfortunately packaging has been thrown out. I can pay for the second lot and see if friend or family can use. Doesn't seem worth sending back. Let me know your preference. Thanks Graeme Sawtell
  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Shipping was very fast. Good quality product. Would highly recommend.
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