Ø 4mm x 30m Dyneema SK 75 Rope (R) “FREE” Delivery

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Ø4mm x 30m SK 75 Dyneema Rope (R)
Massive 2,000 kilo average break load.
Very High strength to weight ratio.
Very low stretch.
Very high abrasion resistance.
High UV Resistance.
Floats & does not absorb water.

Winch & Crane ropes
Strops, Halyards, Runners.
Checkstays, Afterguys.
Wire Rope replacement.

This is the strongest 4mm rope on the market today &
you will not believe how light it is.

2 reviews for Ø 4mm x 30m Dyneema SK 75 Rope (R) “FREE” Delivery

  1. Esteban

    Great value for product

    I'm amazed at the strength of this rope and the ease to actually tie knots with it. I'm using this in several applications, main one is I changed the winch cable for this rope and works perfectly.

  2. ricardo@justnet.com.au (verified owner)

    Just ordered some more. Easy to splice, handle and VERY strong. Slowly changing all the standing rigging on my boat from 3mm 1x19 SS to this. More than double the strength. On paper, 4mm Dyneema will stretch more but the ease of handling lets me get more tension with low tech lanyards. Goodbye seized turnbuckles & wire needle hooks.Beautiful soft shackles too.
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