Ø 5mm x 20m Cotton sash cord “FREE” delivery

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Ø5mm x 20m cotton sash cord.
This is a quality rope, not a cheap chinese import.


* Very soft handling & smooth feel.
* Not affected by water.
* Abrasion resistant.
* Withstands shock load.
* Knots well, without kinks.
* Good recovery from stretch.


* Sash Windows

* Macrame

* All general purpose rope applications.

* Perfect where a natural fiber rope is required.


2 reviews for Ø 5mm x 20m Cotton sash cord “FREE” delivery

  1. Karen

    Great Rope

    I bought this rope to make jewellery I was very pleased with the quality and extra impressed with the speed I received my order

  2. Jon Lawrence

    Arquebus match cord?

    I bought this great sash cord for my canvas awnings. The original cord had all but perished over 50 years. This cord promises to equal or even beat that record of longevity. It looks wonderful on the front of the house. It is very strong and functional. Now I do have a bit of cord left over. Hmmmm Arquebus Match cord. Just boil it up with gundowder to make a firelocke for my arquebus or matchlock. I fear you may not have many Arquebusiers using your products. Butt ye saysh corde doth a might blast mayke.

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