Ø 5mm x 5m Cotton sash cord “FREE” delivery

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Ø5mm x 5m cotton sash cord.
This is a quality rope, not a cheap chinese import.


* Very soft handling & smooth feel.
* Not affected by water.
* Abrasion resistant.
* Withstands shock load.
* Knots well, without kinks.
* Good recovery from stretch. 


* Sash Windows

* Macrame

* All general purpose rope applications.

* Perfect where a natural fiber rope is required.


1 review for Ø 5mm x 5m Cotton sash cord “FREE” delivery

  1. Richard

    Perfect for making a display of knots!

    The cotton cord is both flexible, but also just rigid enough to hold its shape well once tied. Moreover the size is about right to demonstrate the topology of a large number of knots, without adding unnecessary excess weight. It is really lovely and soft to handle, although the helical surface ridges make it appear slightly larger than the core 5mm diameter. The price is fantastic- especially so with the free delivery! I highly recommend this product!

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