Polyester 3 Strand Rope / White

Polyester 3 Strand Rope / White

3 Strand Twisted Polyester

Highest grade of synthetic Polyester fiber yarns used in the cordage industry. This 100% Polyester fiber is perfectly balanced to produce a free running rope with excellent wear ability. Regular lay (medium) construction means ease in splicing.

This high strength heavy synthetic fiber is resistant to ultraviolet deterioration giving it greater weather resistance than either nylon or Manila fiber. Due to polyesters low water absorbency, only slight strength loss is experienced when wet. Polyester does not have the stretch and elasticity of nylon. Polyester is superior to nylon with respect to cycle loading and abrasion. Good for high friction uses like marine running, rigging and stringing line.

Features & Benefits

* High strength & torsion resistant properties under load

* Soft feel and easy handling

* Low stretchand high abrasion resistance

* Not affected by water


* General , Marine & Safety sector

* Mast stays, Slings, Bolt ropes, Flat Halyards, Lifelines, Hoist Ropes, Safety Lines , Docking Lines