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Polypropylene/Polyethylene Rope

PE/PP rope is used where value for money is required. PE/PP combination ropes provide good strength, good abrasion resistance, moderate UV resistance with treatments but at a lower price than polyester. PE/PP ropes are rougher on your hands and not soft like polyester and nylon.

We sell 2 different types of PE/PP Rope. 3 strand aquatec and 8 plait tiger. 3 strand aquatec is sold in smaller diameters 12mm - 24mm. 8 plait tiger is sold it larger diameters 24mm - 80mm

  • Good abrasion resistance

  • Floats on water

  • High strength to weight ratio

  • Shock load resistance

  • UV resistant with excellent weathering properties

  • Excellent knotting and splicing

  • Not affected by water

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