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Oil derrick


UHMwPE rope is used where very low stretch and very high strength is required. UHMwPE rope stretches around 4% at breaking point whereas polyester (already known as a low stretch rope) stretches around 18%. UHMwPE rope is also off the charts when it comes to strength, being 3 - 6 times stronger than polyester at the same diameter.

We sell 2 different types of UHMwPE Rope. Dyneema SK75, and Spectra. Dyneema SK75 is a single braid product made from 100% UHMwPE. Spectra has a UHMwPE core protected by a polyester jacket, the jacket is used to protect the core from UV, abrasions and heat that can be generated from a friction style winch.

  • Very low stretch

  • Very high strength

  • Excellent abrasion resistance and bending characteristics  

  • Torque free construction

  • Floats

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